Vivienne Gyopar Education Consultant


where4kids offers educational services through seminars, workshops and individual consultations to parents of children aged 4 to 12 years, as well as working directly with children and teachers.

where4kids aims to strengthen the link between home and school by:

  1. reinforcing at home what is being taught at school
  2. acknowledging that parents don’t need to be teachers to help their children learn
  3. suggesting appropriate educational resources for children to use at home and at school
  4. helping to make learning FUN for children and their parents

where4kids provides information regarding the fundamental skills young children need from school readiness right through to the completion of  primary school.


How can you look up a word in the dictionary if you don’t know how to spell it?’

Soundasaurus is a spelling reference book for children to use which is designed to help improve their spelling. It uses a sound based index to find and spell words. Soundasaurus contains the most frequently used words as well as providing plenty of space for children to keep an ongoing record of their personal spelling words.

Soundasaurus is ideal for:

  1. Primary students
  2. ESL students
  3. Primary teachers & education specialists
  4. ANYONE who wants to improve spelling and reading

What is Soundasaurus?

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